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Resin Tray Podium

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Brand: atum3D
SKU: H012990005

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The Resin Tray Podium was designed to facilitate removing resin residue using the Resin Curing Flashlight and Resin Puller included with your printer as part of the Starter Kit. Using the Flashlight underneath the partly filled Resin Tray could pose a challenge. The Resin Tray Podium offers a stable, slip-free support to lift the Resin Tray without obstructing the glass plate, so you can use both hands to work the Flashlight and Puller. 

Please note: the Resin Tray Podium does not include the Resin Tray, Resin Puller or Resign Curing Flashlight.

Length 27 cm
Width 20 cm
Height 14 cm
Weight 1,01 kg