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Liqcreate Deep Blue

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Brand: Liqcreate
SKU: R052990003

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General purpose photopolymer with a rigid character, low shrinkage and high shape retention, primarily used for the production of functional prototypes, product design and manufacturing.
Mechanical properties
Hardness D81
Tensile strength 73 mPa
Flexural strength 82 mPa
Elongation at break 5%
Glass Transition Temperature 55ºC
Water sorption 0,26%
IZOD Impact (notched) 22 J/m
Liquid properties
Appearance Blue
Curing wavelength 365 - 405 nm
Density (liquid resin) 1.12 g/cm²
Viscosity 700 cps at 25°C
Application examples Rapid prototyping, product development
Contents 1 kg
Length 8,8 cm
Width 8,8 cm
Height 24,0 cm
Weight 1,115 kg